Textstory Creator with Python and Kivy

GUI tool for markup to LaTeX and Html conversion

A while ago – when I wrote this piece (a short story in German) and was too lazy to do proper layouting – a friend made me a beautiful present:

textstory-to-beautiful-latex-html – he coded a conversion tool for text documents written in a simple markup language (not far from Markdown) that spits out perfectly handsome Html and LaTeX (the latter of course for conversion to pdf) and voilà: my story looked nice.

Then after some minor fixes the project just lay there and was only sporadically used by myself – until all of a sudden I went crazy and started adding a lot of features like new markup commands and a setup file to make the whole thing configurable (it’s all in the documentation).

I still have a lot of ideas about new features (that I will hopefully get around implementing at some point), but I thought that it would be cool to first make the whole thing easier to use by people not feeling at home on the command line. The idea Textstory Creator was born and here it is:

Textstory Creator

To make things as easy as possible I put some effort into creating at least an installer for Windows and Debian based systems, but manual installation is also well documented and quite easy thanks to Python and pip.

By the way, documentation is provided in German and English. Feel free to translate to your favourite language and I will be happy to add this – preferably when the translation is already styled in Markdown (you may have a look at the code of README.md to get the idea). The same goes for the Textstory Creator itself. You could install Poedit or use some other tool to import the pot file from the projects locale directory and create a translation po and mo file.

That’s about it. Everything else you can get from documentation, source code or by mailing me (do not hesitate).

Here you find a detailed tutorial in German.

Future plan: Writing a WYSIWYM editor for textstory files. I hope that is not too ambitious.